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    Outdoor 2018

    Registration is now closed. If you would like to inquire about registering late, please email

    Registration Information

    Players register in the correct age group according to their birth year, not their calendar age. Once registration is completed, player evaluations and team placements occur. The Hollandia evaluation prior to the start of the season is used to place players in a situation where they will thrive and learn. We don't spend a lot of time on drills, but observe skills in enjoyable games. All players will receive an email informing them of the evaluation times, and they will be posted on our website. Once evaluations are done, our technical staff and Coordinators work together to create teams. You will receive an email advising you on which team players have been placed. For more in-depth information on this process please see the Evaluation Process information.

    Full registration information can also be found in this Outdoor 2018 Registration document that was emailed to all families.

    Note: U5 - U9 Community players register with their Community Association.

    Age Group Birth Years Fee Potential Game Nights**
    Under-9 Development 2009/10 $145* U9BD - Wednesdays U9GD - Thursdays
    Under-11 2007/08 $270* U11BP - Thursdays
    U11B2 - Wednesdays
    U11B3 - Thursdays
    U11GP - Tuesdays
    U11G2 - Wednesdays
    U11G3 - Tuesdays
    Under-13 2005/06 $270* U13BP - Wednesdays
    U13B2 - Tuesdays
    U13B3 - Thursdays
    U13GP - Wednesdays
    U13G2 - Thursdays
    U13G3 - Tuesdays
    Under-15 2003/04 $270* U15BP - Mondays
    U15B2 - Thursdays
    U15B3 - Tuesdays
    U15GP - Mondays
    U15G2 - Thursdays
    U15G3 - Tuesdays
    Under-17 2001/02 $245* U17BP - Thursdays
    U17B2 - Wednesdays
    U17B3 - Mondays
    U17GP - Thursdays
    U17G2 - Wednesdays
    U17G3 - Mondays
    Under-19 1999/2000 $245* U19BP - Thursdays
    U19B2 - Wed/Thurs
    U19B3 - TBA
    U19GP - Thursdays
    U19G2 - Wed/Thurs
    U19G3 - TBA

    *In addition to registration fees, each player will have a team fee and will be required to provide a uniform and volunteer deposit. Please see below for more information.
    **Note U9D teams may have Friday games; U11-U19 teams may have Friday/Saturday/Sunday games.


    There are two soccer seasons in Saskatoon: Indoor season runs from the middle of October until the beginning of April. Registration is usually the last week of August or first week of September. Outdoor season runs from the last week of April until the last week of June. Registration is usually at the end of February. There is one in-person registration night per season where volunteers will help individuals use the online system to register.


    The fees are set by the Board of Directors, upon recommendation of the Registrar and Treasurer. These are broken down as follows: Registration Fees: A set amount of fees assessed to cover the costs of registering teams with Saskatoon Youth Soccer. Team Fees: A fee determined for your team by your Team Manager after consultation with the parents and coach at the initial team meeting. It may include purchase of practice jerseys, socks, extra field time, coach appreciation gifts, tournament fees, and wind-up/team social events. Uniform Deposit: A $50 deposit given to the Team Manager, post-dated for the last day of the season. This will be destroyed upon the return of the player's uniform. Volunteer Deposit: A $100 deposit/family/season given to the Team Manager, post-dated for the last day of the season. This will be destroyed once the family has completed 3 hours of volunteer work.

    To pay fees or review any payments outstanding, please visit GoalLine HERE. For information regarding refunds please refer to our refund policy available at the bottom of this page. For questions related to registration or payments, please contact our Registrar at

    Coaching with Hollandia

    If you are interested in coaching with the club, please complete our online coach application form.

    Tax Receipts

    To access the tax receipt for the child fitness tax please log into your GoalLine account here:

    Related Policies

    Purpose: Enhancing our community by inspiring people to enrich their lives through soccer
    Mission: To inspire players, parents, and coaches to be passionate about soccer and to reach their full potential through player-centric programs
    Vision: Hollandia will be the club of choice, building community and a membership which commits to behavior consistent with our values


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