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    What is PSL?

    The Provincial Soccer League (PSL) is a league that is organized by the Saskatchewan Soccer Association. It operates in the competitive stream of the Canadian Soccer Association player pathway, and run during the outdoor season. Changes for 2017 included setting limits on the number of teams each district can enter. Saskatoon was given 2 male and 2 female U13 teams, 2 male and 2 female U15 teams, and 1 male and 1 female U17 team. In order to co-ordinate the operation of these teams in an equitable manner the zones under Saskatoon Youth Soccer have split into 2 groups.

    Hollandia joined with Aurora Soccer Club and the Valley Soccer Association to create AHV. AHV entered 1 male team in the U13 and U15 categories, 1 female team in the U15 category, and the male U17 team. Eastside, Lakewood and SUSC joined together and entered 1 male and 1 female team in U13 and U15 and the U17 female team.

    The provincial winners of the U15 and U17 leagues will go on to represent Saskatchewan at the Canada Club Soccer Nationals in October. The AHV U17 male team won at provincials and is currently preparing for this trip.

    What is the format?

    TBD for 2018

    Who is eligible?

    TBD for 2018

    A Note About Junior U13 Players

    The U13 PSL is indented to be an introduction to PSL play which is played in an 11 v 11 format. While junior players in this age group are technically eligible to play in PSL, from a sports-science perspective it is not the best format of play for them. As many players are starting to go through growth spurts at this age, a very large difference in physical maturity can be seen between the two years in this division. For smaller players, the physical stress of covering a much larger field alone can cause injury, regardless of the size of the team mates or opponents. Additionally, following the development program of LTPD, most of these players are just working on playing in small groups and the stretch to a 11 v 11 format is beyond their technical and tactical ability. These players will have an opportunity to join PSL in their senior year in this age group and it is being recommended from the AHV technical committee that they delay their tryout until their senior year.

    Who are the coaches?

    AHV will recruiting coaches for these teams.

    PSL Coach Invitation to Apply

    If you are interested in this position, please complete the application form and email it to the AHV technical committee at

    AHV PSL - Coach Application - 2017

    Evaluation Schedule

    TBD 2018

    Purpose: Enhancing our community by inspiring people to enrich their lives through soccer
    Mission: To inspire players, parents, and coaches to be passionate about soccer and to reach their full potential through player-centric programs
    Vision: Hollandia will be the club of choice, building community and a membership which commits to behavior consistent with our values


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